Idol # De Rosa Santini




IDOL returns. The past that looks towards the future.

IDOL was a must in the De Rosa production and today returns in a completely new project that encompasses the De Rosa experience and the new road cycling trends.

IDOL is a bike conceived and designed for the utilization of disc brakes. The structural specifications of the new IDOL are connected to the improvement of the load-bearing structure where the presence of a disc brake and the consequent braking power requires it.

Its design, geometries and materials utilized are optimized for utilization with a disc brake, but obviously IDOL also accepts the classical block brakes for those who follow traditional solutions without renouncing the latest generation and futuristic design frames.

The IDOL frame is made from SUPER HI-MODUL fibre with a blend of T1000 (70%) and T800 (30%), thereby guaranteeing structural rigidity, absorption capacity and lightness at maximum levels. IDOL is offered in six frame sizes.