King XS

King XS # De Rosa Santini



The King dinasty continues and evolves. The last forefather is King XS, is not about a restyling, although it is about a new project for a new frame. More lightened than the previous sample, King XS opts for new technical/stylistic solutions. The most evident choice is the disappearence of the rear brake from its traditional position: we have placed it under the bottom bracket. This new position of the rear brake allows an increase of the braking power and permits to remove the traditional brake arch in the rear stays. In this way it is possible to improve the comfort without compromising the performance and it lends the design of the frame a cleaning of lines never seen before.
King XS is characterized by a “purity” of lines that gives intentionally to the frame a “minimal” elegance.

The structure of the rear triangle is different from the traditional one because of the short distance between the down tube and the front wheel: this system allows to increase the assimilation of vibrations, without compromising reactivity and stability, offering at the same time more “racing “ to the product. The fork is integrated with the steering tube and the frame in a not so invasive way in order to give an estethic impact and high aerodynamic features. The chosen material is the best choice given by the research of composite materials: it is composed by a blend of 3 materials , TI1000, TI 800 and XN10. You can choose between 8 sizes of King XS with semi slope structure.