Noble, exclusive, intended for a select few. And above all, fascinating. As fascinating and enthralling as the challenge that we De Rosa have undertaken with this material. So difficult to work with, but also unique for the satisfactions that it gave us when we understood its secrets, concealed in its precious alloys. Secrets that we now guard jealously because they enable us to process it better to achieve our aim. The aim to obtain frames that are not only nice to look at, but also to use both at the purely competitive level and in amateur sports.  Ours is a niche production, with only two models in the in which we are personally involved. Because only in that way are we sure that we can catalogue, both realised in an artisan manner, made with maniacal care for detail and with procedures achieve our set aim. Because only in that way our Titanio and Titanio XS acquire an absolute identity that makes them stand out among a thousand others. And makes them worthy to bear the De Rosa mark.

titanio 1984