Carbon Black

Protos # Nero Rosso

You cannot fail to fall in love at first sight with composite material, a material with infinite potential. If it is correctly treated and processed, of course. Our project for carbon, for example, began a long way back. We arrived at the King following a long path during which, step by step, we learned all the secrets of carbon fibres and fabrics. And all about the respective work processes, for which we built a separate department in our factory. A special laboratory, where only carbon is processed, where the absence of dust and humidity and constant temperatures are absolutely necessary factors to ensure the final result. Where specialised personnel work on the products in composite fibre and assemble them according to well defined procedures in order to arrive at the complete frame. Realised in this way, the frame guarantees the right parameters of mechanical strength and elastic modulus, necessary to make the King an authentic machine born to race. Reliable testimonials are provided not only by the professionals in the Alessio Team, but also by a great many enthusiasts who once again have placed their trust in us.